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Bucky Taylor started making music at a young age. First learning to keep the beat with a brand new drum set passed down from his brother, David. From there, he moved on to joining his grade school band where he studied different instruments, techniques like playing the timpani in the school orchestra. He continued to play in the school band until his junior year. From there he joined his first band with his brother David (the Moses Band). 

He loves writing and creating his own songs and sound. Most of all he loves playing to a live crowd.

Originally from the Wolcottville, Indiana area, he has played in a number of bands across Michiana area including: 

  • The Moses Band with David Taylor, Jerry Pearson and Randy
  • Voodoo Dolls with David Taylor and Guadalupe Cantu 
  • And, Lock & Load with Roger Morningstar and John Went. 

Now located in the Walterboro, South Carolina area, he is looking to connect with local musicians and reconnect with past friends and fans from his old stomping grounds.

Need a back up drummer?


Music Clip From The Song "Knock Me Down" 


Music Clip From The Song "London Fog" 


Music Clip From The Song "Leather & Lace" 




Leather & Lace CD


In 2003 The band Lock & Load dreamed of making an album. The CD "Leather & Lace" is the final result of that goal. This ten song CD has a style and flavor all it's own. 

The Original Harley Song


EXCLUSIVE: Written by David Taylor, performed by Voodoo Dolls and produced by Loft Studios. The ORIGINAL Harley Song can be heard here in the music section.

Live In Concert


Bucky Taylor loves playing to a live audience. He toured the club circuit and outdoor concerts in and around Michigan/Indiana for decades.

Bucky Taylor here,

Let's Stay Connected

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Especially if you're:

  Friends from the old stomping grounds
  Fans who love my music and style
  Local musicians wanting to connect

Just fill out the form and say "Hi" and let me how we're connected.

Music Singles 

Knock Me Down




In My Dreams


Love For Money


Home In A Week Or Two




London Fog


Make Sum Noize


Blame It On Me


Leather & Lace


The Harley Song


Music Begins With The Beat